Aquamaintain LTD proudly presents SILTROL aquatic chalk!

An entirely safe, natural and affordable solution to reduce and control organic sediment buildup in lakes, rivers and other water bodies.

What is SILTROL?
SILTROL is an extremely porous form of Calcium Carbonate, a naturally occurring from mineral sources with no artificial additives or ingredients. Naturally toxin free, it is environmentally friendly and harmless to all plants and wildlife.

What are the benefits?

• Decreases organic and oxidisable matter, visible as a reduction in levels of silt.
• Stimulates aerobic micro-organisms, increasing oxygenation.
• Improves water clarity by settling suspended particles.
• Balances the acidity (Ph level) in the water
• Releases harmful methane build up
• Reduces future methane production
• Provides pond life with calcium vital for invertebrate growth
• Increases biodiversity

Where can SILTROL be used?
SILTROL can be used in any freshwater environment where an accumulation of silt or increased acidification is causing a problem.

How does it work?
Sediment or silt is naturally occurring organic matter found on the bottom of most water bodies. The sediment is formed from a combination of decaying plant and animal matter, and soil particles washed into solution from the surrounding land.

Silt can build up when there is an excess of these inputs or when the micro-organisms, that would normally digest the organic matter are no longer present. Loss of micro-organisms may be due to increased acidity and low oxygen levels.

SILTROL penetrates deep into the layers of silt, neutralising the acidity of the water and providing vital calcium for silt digesting micro-organisms to reproduce. Siltrol also increases oxygen as a byproduct of this process, which is ideal for fisheries and highly stocked waters.

How do you apply SILTROL?
We supply SILTROL in 25-kilogram bags, and if the body of water is small, it can be applied to the surface by hand. For larger bodies of as lakes, it’s best to use a boat with an outboard motor. For the best results, SILTROL should be spread evenly across the whole expanse of water, not just the worst affected area.

How much SILTROL should I use?
The application rate for SILTROL is 1 tonne (1000kg) per acre of water for the first dose, followed by repeat doses of 800kg – 1 tonne through the following year.
SILTROL can be applied throughout the year but is most effective at lower temperature ranges (10 -20 degrees). Two or three treatments over a season will be more effective than a single dose.

Changing the chemical composition of water shouldn’t be undertaken lightly and without appropriate prior consultation with a professional aquatic scientist.

Aquamaintain LTD has experience in the diagnosis and prescription of SILTROL for use in aquatic environments. Also, we are fully equipped and well versed for the application process, and we would be more than happy to offer our services upon request.

PLEASE NOTE. In the case of extremely high levels of silt, SILTROL does not replace the need for mechanical de-silting/dredging.

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