Barley straw has been used for centuries for the control of algae and in particular blanket weed in water bodies around the globe.

It is the decomposition under certain conditions that causes algae to release inhibitors from the Barley straw. This coupled with the introduction of refuge for microscopic algae eating invertebrates, makes Barley straw one of the most natural solutions to algae control available.

However, if misused, Barley straw can exacerbate the conditions required for algal growth worsening the problem.
Also, much of the Barley straw available has been commercially grown and is treated with fungicides, rendering it useless for aquatic applications.

Aquamaintain ltd Barley straw units have been specifically designed to provide the optimum conditions for effective algal control. Each unit is manufactured using the exact quantity of straw so that an effective dose rate can be calculated – Meaning no waste and no overdosing.

We have experience and expertise in the use of Barley straw for algae control, so please contact us for more information on designing an appropriate solution for your water body.

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