Aquamaintain Ltd now has an ever-expanding range plant and equipment available for hire.

We specialise in offering versatile solutions for unique jobs and challenging site conditions. The star of our fleet is the Multione Mini Loader 6.3+ which is powerful, compact and can be fitted with over different 170 attachments.


MultiOne Mini Loader 6.3+

The MultiOne 6.3+ has been hailed as “the best Articulated Mini Loader in the market”, and rightly so if you compare its small frame to its extensive lifting capability. Perfect for Arboriculture, Construction, Farming and Civil Engineering.

Hitachi ZX26U-5 2.6 Tonne Mini Excavator

The Hitachi ZX26U-5 is a compact, high-performance mini excavator which benefits from a fully enclosed cab and a short tail swing radius. This combination of features makes it ideal for a variety of projects, no matter the weather.

Hitachi ZX55U-6 5 Tonne Excavator

Our Hitachi ZX55U-6 5 Tonne Excavator is a high performing yet relatively small excavator benefitting from a short tail swing radius and a fully enclosed cab. Powerful, comfortable and compact, we have found this excavator is the perfect tool for larger, more demanding projects where space may still be limited.

Hitachi Zaxis 85–US5 8 Tonne Excavator

Our 8-Tonne Hitachi Zaxis 85 – US5 (Fixed Boom) excavator is a versatile, efficient and robust machine which benefits from a short tail swing radius and a comfortable fully enclosed cab. It also utilises bio-oil, making it the perfect solution if your job site is located in or around any body of water.


Hitachi CHR70 7 Tonne Crawler Dumper

The Hitachi CHR70 7 Tonne Crawler Dumper is the ideal machine for transporting large volumes of material over soft, sensitive or unstable ground. It also has the ability to swivel 360 degrees, which is a priceless feature for smaller or more restrictive work sites. 

Yanmar C30-R 3 Tonne Tracked Dumper

Our Yanmar C30-R 3 Tonne Tracked Dumper is extremely capable off-road and suitable for use on all types of ground, especially soft or muddy surfaces. It has a low centre of gravity, increasing stability, and can be used on slopes up to 30 degrees.


Euromats – Ground Protection Mats

Euromats are a great temporary access solution that helps protect against damage to soft or sensitive ground. They have a large surface area and provide excellent grip making them perfect for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Stop Algae & Weed Growth Today

Aquamaintain algae and weed control dye has been specially formulated to inhibit the growth of unwanted algae and submerged weeds in lakes, ponds and fisheries.