Urban Pond Enhancement

Urban ponds are vitally rare pockets of habitat in built-up areas. They suffer from the same problems as other ponds, but due to their urban location, many of these pressures are intensified, leading to rapid degradation of sites and loss of habitat.


De-Silting / Dredging

Through the natural process of succession water bodies slowly become choked with sediment, vegetation and other organic material. We provide dredging and de-silting options where appropriate to manage the issue and return lakes, ponds and rivers to favourable conditions.



Our consultation service provides our clients with expert advice on all aspects of aquatic habitat restoration and management, including the design and delivery of projects, fishery management, and water quality improvements.



Together with our associates, we can provide a complete range of aquatic surveys, carried out by qualified professionals, from site work right through to the complete report.



Aquamaintain Ltd offers its clients a professional design service to help turn ideas into concepts for planning, construction and restoration purposes.

Habitat Creation

Providing habitat where it’s impoverished or has been lost is the key to improving the ecology and biodiversity of a site. Aquamaintain Ltd has a cache of tried and tested techniques alongside pioneering, innovative methods to introduce aquatic and bank side habitat to a site.


Bank Stabilisation / Erosion Control

Banks often become unstable due to erosion from a variety of causes. We use bio-engineering and light civil engineering techniques where necessary, to provide functionally and create a finish that blends into its surroundings while also promoting habitat for wildlife.



Aquamaintain Ltd offers maintenance packages specifically tailored to the requirements of any watercourse or body. Our client base already includes fisheries, angling clubs, golf courses, business parks, residential homes and private landowners.


Invasive Species Control

Invasive and non-native species are becoming a serious problem to UK waterways, and the methods of control have become heavily regulated in recent years. Aquamaintain Ltd has the solutions to overcome the constraints faced when tackling invasive species in order to manage them effectively.

Stop Algae & Weed Growth Today

Aquamaintain algae and weed control dye has been specially formulated to inhibit the growth of unwanted algae and submerged weeds in lakes, ponds and fisheries.