Aquamaintain Ltd are contractors specialising in providing environmentally considerate solutions for fisheries and other aquatic environments.

We offer a wide range of products and services for aquatic habitat restoration, enhancement and development. Priding ourselves on pioneering solutions for habitat mitigation, fishery management and improvements under the water framework directive.

As an organisation, we recognise our responsibility to the environment and to the impact we have upon it. Therefore we aim to use bio-engineering and bio-remediation techniques wherever possible, to create a finish that blends into its surroundings and promotes habitat for native species of plants and animals.

We actively seek local materials, from sustainable sources and reduce our impact upon the environment by adopting reduction and recycling practices, wherever practical. In circumstances where hard engineering techniques must be employed, such as when structures are threatened. Aquamaintain will combine soft engineering techniques, to lessen their environmental impact yet still provide functionality.

In addition to the benefits to wildlife, the techniques we employ and the materials we use usually achieve cost savings in comparison to hard engineering and landscaping methods.

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