Floating reed beds are available for installation into existing rivers, canals, lakes and reservoirs to improve water quality and improve habitat for birds, amphibians and invertebrates found in naturally occurring reed beds.

Reed rafts are also useful for fish breeding and fish refuge habitat in fisheries which have been degraded by pollution or cormorant predation. Other uses for floating reed beds include fishing peg margin improvement, pollution control and for separating areas of water.

Their modular design is versatile and easy to install in almost any location. Standard rectangular raft units can be connected on site to form square or rectangular reed beds, or even gently sweeping curves, of 10m² to 2,000+ m². Circular islands of 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m and 12m diameter are also available.

All of our reed rafts can be supplied with wildfowl anti-grazing protection, customised to take account of likely grazing pressure. Protection will take form as perimeter fencing, netted top covers or weld-mesh cages.

Please contact us for availability and pricing.

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