Aquamaintain LTD barley straw extract is an all-natural product for the control of Algae and Blanket Weed in Lakes, ponds and reservoirs.

Our extract is derived from organic Barley Straw formulated under special conditions to rerelease a natural, safe and effective algicide.

Impossible to overdose, the product contains no synthetic chemicals or artificial herbicides.

If applied correctly, Barley Straw extract can prevent Algae and Blanket Weed growth and replace the need for additional Barley Straw units and other forms of algae control. We supply our Barley Straw Extract in 25L sealed barrels.

Dose Rate

The extract should initially be added at a rate of 10L per acre

The best method to ensure even distribution is to mix the extract with clean water at a rate of 1:5

This should be applied evenly via a knapsack sprayer or to lake inlets

Regular applications of 2l per acre should continue throughout the growing season

To get the best results from barley Straw extract preemptive spring / early summer application is advisable

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