Aquamaintain algae and weed control dye has been specially formulated to inhibit the growth of unwanted algae and submerged weeds in lakes, ponds and fisheries.

It works by reducing the amount of sunlight entering the water and reaching the plants below. Without sunlight, the growth of aquatic weeds and algae such as blanket weed is inhibited, rapidly resulting in its reduction and eventual complete eradication.

Easy to apply, Aquamaintain algae and weed control dye is supplied in dissolvable sachets that can be applied directly to the surface of the water. Dose rate is easy to calculate as 10 sachets will treat 1 acre of water at 1 meter deep and its impossible to overdose.

Aquamaintain algae and weed control dye is harmless to humans, fish and all other forms of wildlife.
It has been rigorously tested and is made from non-toxic European Food approved items, manufactured from organic sources.

Benefits of Aquamaintain algae and weed control dye include:

• Harmless to plants, fish, filters and wildlife.
• Free of Pesticides and Herbicides.
• Works in all lakes.
• Very economical.
• Simple application method.
• Saves time and effort.
• Blocks light, denying algae and submerged weeds food source.
• Will last up to three months.
• All year round use.

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