BDAA Fishing Platforms – Havant

Background Information

Horizon Angling Club for the Disabled is a Registered Charity that is involved in many aspects of fishing for the disabled angler. The angling club owns several fisheries and is affiliated with a number of other angling clubs in Hampshire. Accessibility to one of their waters in Havant was limited due to the number of disabled-friendly fishing platforms.

Scope of the Project

The fishery was lacking in suitable fishing areas for the members of Horizon Angling. Many anglers were put off from fishing the venue due to the fact there was limited space and access for wheelchairs. The aim of the project was to install 5 new BDAA specification, fishing platforms that spanned over the water. The installation of new platforms would improve accessibility to the fishery and encourage more of the club members to use this much-valued underfished venue. Tree and scrub clearance, including the island, was also carried out to further aid access and make angling easier.

Our Solution

Five fishing platforms were designed to BDAA specifications and approved by the angling club, the Environment Agency and Portsmouth Water.  The platforms were 3.8m x 1.8m and made of a pressure treated softwood frame, attached to oak legs with an anti-slip hardwood decking.

A galvanised steel BDAA specification rail was added to provide security for any wheelchair anglers using the platforms. Type one aggregate was compacted behind the newly installed platforms to create a gentle slope onto the platforms for wheelchair users.

During the entire works, strict health and safety procedures and pollution prevention measures were employed due to the nature of the construction site and its location on a water storage reservoir.