Have you heard of the MultiOne 6.3+ series? Well, it has quickly become regarded as one of the best performing versions of MultiOnes new generation of compact Mini Loaders/Telehandlers.

It comes equipped with hydrostatic four wheel drive and an articulated frame so it can tackle almost any surface from pristine lawn to rock ridden mud. We have opted for wider wheels, the larger surface area means less damage to sensitive ground, especially when compared to its tracked equivalents.

The MultiOnes compact frame and articulated steering allow it to excel in the tightest of spaces, making it ideal for residential and confined environments.

Powerful and robust, the MultiOne 6.3+ is a near-perfect companion for all professionals working in the forestry/tree industries, farmers, builders and for all types of loading activity. In addition to its loading capabilities, the MultiOne can be fitted with over 170 attachments suited to digging, trenching, grinding, cutting, sweeping, and so much more.

Features of the MultiOne Miniloader 6.3+
• Compact design for improved accessibility (less than 5ft wide) and manoeuvrability

• Lightweight for more accessible transportation to and from site

• Works on all ground surfaces with minimum damage especially compared to skid steers

• Impressive lifting height of up to 2.92m and tipping load of more than 1200kg*

• Faster than a tracked machine with a top speed of 11km/hr

• Extremely versatile with over 170 attachments designed for a variety of tasks

Choice of Attachments
When you hire a MultiOne 6.3+ Loader from Aquamaintain, you will need to specify which attachments you require. Silage Fork/Log Grab, Multi-purpose Bucket, Ag Spec Hedge Trimmers or 2t Pallet Forks.

Technical Manual