Invasive and non-native species cost Great Britain at least £1.7 billion per year. They increase flood risk, reduce biodiversity, erode riverbanks, spread diseases and parasites, and degrade angling and other forms of recreation in numerous lakes and waterways.

Invasive plant species can take the form of vigorously growing native species that have the ideal conditions to promote excessive growth. In addition, non-native or introduced species such as the infamous Australian Swam Stonecrop can smother banks and out-compete vital native plants after being accidentally transferred between waters.

Treating invasive and non-native plant species has become more of a challenge in recent years by the withdrawal of the majority of effective chemical treatments from sale in the UK under the new European Biocides Directive. This has lead to the development of innovative new ways to control invasive plant species, of which Aquamaintain is pioneering the way.

We are regularly consulted to identify and control invasive and non-native plant species and are well versed in the legal and legislative constraints of tackling them. Certified with both NPTC PA01 and PA06, we offer conventional herbicide treatment with products such as Roundup Bioactive alongside a range of our innovative non-chemical interventions such as our weed and algae control dye.