The introduction and restoration of aquatic habitat have wide-reaching implications, not solely for improvements to ecology and biodiversity. A large number of the problems found in most fisheries, waterways and water bodies can often be resolved by improving the various types of aquatic habitat found at a site.

Many of the bio-engineering techniques we employ for solutions to problems such as bank erosion have knock-on implications for habitat improvement and are the long-term key to a successful restoration.

We also have a proven track record of direct solutions to impoverished habitat, which will benefit and enhance the features of a site.

Problems such as water quality issues can often be attributed to a lack of certain types of habitat. Aquatic vegetation influences water chemistry, and microscopic predator-prey relationships determine algal cell numbers, all of which revolves around good habitat.

Suitable habitat is the key to healthy, sustainable fish stocks and a vital component in fishery management.

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