One of the main drivers behind restoration work is bank stabilisation. Banks become damaged for a variety of reasons such as cattle poaching, wave action and flooding. Bank Erosion can cause unsightly and often dangerous conditions that impact upon recreation and flood risk.

We have a varied arsenal of bank stabilisation techniques at our disposal to restore eroded embankments to their original condition or better.

We aim to use bio-engineering and light civil engineering techniques where possible, to provide functionally and create a finish that blends into its surroundings. Bio-engineering applies natural processes, which rely on self-repair and adaption, rather than the instant hard engineering solutions that other contractors might suggest. These low impact methods are the key to cost-effectively managing the long-term impacts of erosion, while at the same time achieving habitat and biodiversity gains.

In circumstances where hard engineering techniques must be employed, such as when a structure is threatened, we will combine soft engineering techniques, to lessen their environmental impact.

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